The Walking Dead Season 2 – Review

This season of Telltale Games’ flagship series was a solid ride, albeit not without key flaws (I’m looking at you, episode 4).

It was a brutal tale from beginning to end, with Omid’s swift death and the loss of Christa, all the way to the inevitable choice of whether or not to put Kenny out of his deranged misery. Whilst the introduction of the new group in episode 1 with fantastic characters like Pete and Luke was nice, all the joys of this series were short lived, particularly when considering Carver’s homicidal gang were never far out of sight.

The choices made in this season were particularly unforgiving, and the player was thrown in the deep end when deciding in the first episode who they should help survive out of Pete and Nick. To match these harsh choices season 2 was far and away a different and more violent game when compared to season 1, particularly when seen through the eyes of Clementine. However the decision by the developers to kill off certain characters no matter the choice of the player has to be critiqued, particularly Luke, who we’d just begun to appreciate as a deep, emotional character.

The various endings of the game (I count 8 all together) definitely leave plenty of open ended questions for the next season, depending on who the player chose to kill, and then subsequently accompany them, out of Kenny and Jane. I get the sense that even if any players let Kenny survive and then chose to stay with him, he is not long for this world in his somewhat deranged state, and Jane should make an interesting companion in the attempt to rebuild Carver’s old town.

Another solid season from The Walking Dead is somewhat marred by the lack of remaining characters once the dust has settled and the somewhat early choices thrust upon the player, although the finale is beautifully and brutally executed, with the players choices having severe and deep consequences for the future.