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Dragon Age Inquisition – Review

After 80+ hours of questing, dragon slaying and trying to work out the backstory to the plot, this is a very late review of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

For new players to the franchise, myself included, the task of understanding the world and politics of Inquisition proved a difficult task, especially when thrust in the deep end and made to account for your actions of apparently murdering the Divine (who?!). After much internet research was undertaken the plot and politics made much more sense, and this knowledge pays off in big ways as you progress through the campaign.

The plot of rising up and saving the world from a demon definitely takes a good while getting going, and whilst it’s a spectacular feat of storytelling, it’s the characters that really make this game emotionally hit home. The vast supporting cast of characters aiding the player in their quest really bring the game to life, the highlights being an elven anarchist, a warrior searching for a sense of identity and a dwarf who specialises in poetry.

The combat itself isn’t the hardest to master, you merely have to know what moves to use on which different type of enemy. The character building system is of stand out quality, as it truly lets you take control of all your allies and customise them as best you wish, setting them on various skill trees. So whilst the combat system is perhaps easy, the party system that the game employs makes you think strategically about who will benefit you more for each different combat scenario.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is a fantastic game, driven by it’s epic scale of storytelling and vast and fiery supporting cast of characters. Here’s hoping we’ll receive more story driven content from Bioware in the future, as it’s a game a undoubtedly plan on revisiting.