Take That Death Stranding Trailer With a Pinch of Salt

It should come as no surprise to anyone that folk are losing their goddamn minds over a video game trailer. But this isn’t just any video game trailer, no sir, this is the video game trailer for the forthcoming Hideo Kojima game, titled Death Stranding.

When Kojima took to the stage at Sony’s E3 presentation to the Mad Max theme music (because of course he fucking did) the crowd were cheering like it was the second coming of Jesus. The atmosphere was then somewhat subdued on the reveal of the trailer for Death Stranding, as literally no one in the world outside of Kojima Productions had any clue what was actually happening.

I’m not here to actually analyse the trailer itself, because everyone from Polygon and Kotaku to the International Business Times delved into that goldmine like they were 19th century gold prospectors in America.

They’ve all been so desperate to work out every tiny, intricate detail of the aforementioned trailer, that they’ve forgotten one key point: the game isn’t actually in production yet.

What does this mean, you ask? Well, it basically means that Kojima could realistically change literally everything about Death Stranding, because since the game isn’t in production yet, nothing whatsoever is set in stone for the final product.

He could do a full 180 and turn it into a spiritual successor to Aliens: Colonial Marines, because he isn’t bound by any rules. Speaking of, Sony basically revealed over the past week that they’re handing over complete creative control to Kojima, which in my mind is setting the stage for a complete disaster about three years down the line.

And about three years down the line is a realistic estimate of when we’re actually going to get some solid details about Death Stranding, if Kojima’s career record is anything to go by. This is a man who loves to take his time when working, and while I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, I was left dumbfounded at the decision to put out a trailer for the game this early.

I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Death Stranding becomes a complete enigma, not unlike games such as The Last Guardian. We knew it was out there somewhere for years on end, we just had no clue whatsoever as to what was going on with the damn game.

But perhaps this was a calculated move on the part of Sony. After all, haven’t the majority of us been completely swept up in the intrigue and mystery of a game that’s likely still at least four years from release?

The fact that the trailer tells us basically nothing about the game gives credence to the theory that this is Sony basically stoking the hype for Kojima’s next venture. The trailer itself is open to so many different interpretations (and I’m utterly bored of them already) that whatever the final Death Stranding product looks like, Kojima and Sony will undoubtedly be able to spin it in such a way that it somehow connects back to this trailer.

Can you get hyped for Death Stranding? Absolutely. Just take this trailer with a good pinch of salt, as this likely has little to no bearing on what the final product will actually be like.


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