I Kinda Hate Nathan Drake

Nathan Drake! He’s the suave, slick, smooth criminal we’ve now seen depicted throughout the course of four Uncharted games (five if you count that Vita one, but I don’t happen to own that considerably rare commodity).

Over the better part of a decade we’ve come to know Nathan Drake, and battle-lines have been drawn over whether he is in fact a murderous psychopath, or merely a fortune hunter looking to save his own skin.

I happen to fall on the former side of the debate, and since I’ll be taking the events of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End into account, consider this your spoiler warning for the article.

The dreary epilogue of Uncharted 4 gave me pause for thought on the character of Nathan Drake. In the explanation of both his and Elena’s past life together to their confused child, the question of just how many men Drake had encountered over the course of his adventure would inevitably come up in conversation.

And how would we expect Drake to answer such a question? He surely can’t hope to awkwardly skip around it, by claiming he rendered every one of his enemies unconscious throughout his various escapades.

Even in Uncharted 4, a game that allows for a complete stealth approach in certain sections of the game, you as the player are still forced into killing a certain amount of people. Rafe Adler, or as I like to refer to him, ‘discount Jake Gyllenhaal’, was one such person.

Drake has killed thousands of people in his quest for treasure, that much is undoubtable. So, back to the original question of how he would broach the subject with his own daughter.

Well, I can’t image that there’s any other way around it than for Drake to reveal that he’s slain a disconcerting amount of people to his own daughter. What will her reaction be? Well to be honest, I don’t much care for her reaction, it’s merely an interesting predicament.

So, lack of regard for human life out of the way, what else is there to dislike about Nathan Drake? Well for starters, he appears to love abandoning his most trustworthy companions whenever possible.

Drake ditched Elena in the first Uncharted, again before the second Uncharted, and again before the third Uncharted game. But oh no, it doesn’t end there! Because a key plot point in Uncharted 4 is Drake deciding to once again abandon Elena, in favour of some treasure hunting.

Now technically, Drake abandons Elena in the latest Uncharted entry due to the need to help his brother out of a particularly tricky but ultimately non-existent jam. However I’d argue that, due to the Greg Miller-esque expression of stupid excitement that creeps onto his face before his deceitful phone call to her, he’s abandoning Elena as much for the treasure as he is for Sam.

Also in Uncharted 4, Drake orders Sully to go stand watch over Elena after she storms out on him, almost as if Sully is some guard dog and not a chain smoking, sixty-something year old human being who can make decisions for himself.

Towards the end of Uncharted 4, I began to wonder whether I’d really miss Nathan Drake at all. The answer, as it turns out, is a resounding no. I won’t miss his previously witty one-liners, his basic disregard for human life, or his habit for abandoning those who mean the most to him.


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