If You Watch Or Support FIFA Strip Pack Openings, I Hate You

The person you may see in the featured image of this article is called Kodi Brown. He’s one of the now many range of FIFA YouTuber’s to cash in on the latest YouTube tactics: getting your “girlfriend” to strip for views.

I’m not quite sure what or who started this latest craze in the FIFA YouTube section, but I can say this: its fucking shameful. You, the “entertainer” are using a person’s body parts to rack up views for your pathetic channel, in the hope of achieving what, stardom? Fame? Fortune? Good fucking luck, son.

The gaming industry is sadly well acquainted with tactics such as this for attention: we’ve got “booth babes” sometimes used at conventions by companies to attract the smaller minded males to various stands, and you may remember Jessica Nigri shot to fame after being used by Capcom to promote a product. I only had to glance at the Twitch comments section when EA revealed female players would be a part of FIFA 16 to wish I hadn’t bothered waking up that day.

I guess the question I’m asking with reference to the FIFA “strip pack openings” is simple. Why? Why does a man feel the need to utterly, and shamelessly objectify a woman in an attempt to get views for his channel?

I suppose at the same time, the answer to my question is also a simple one: they want attention, and what better way to get attention and lure drooling, sexist viewers in than to promise to reduce a woman to nothing more than a pair of breasts on screen, for your pleasure.

I can already see the responses to this of “well the women don’t have to be on camera.” No, they don’t, but that’s not the fucking point. The point I’m angling at here is to shame the YouTubers who practice this with glee and no remorse, using women like a tool to get attention for their channels.

I mentioned Kodi Brown at the top of the article, and how he was just one of a number of YouTubers who now use this shameless practice, and I’ve come across various other channels in my search for the very worst that YouTube has to offer under this particular section. I even found a handy “FIFA Strip Pack Opening Compilations” video, put together by Ben Graham, a pre-pubescent looking, pathetic excuse for a man, who encourages viewers to “smash that like button” for videos of women being reduced to nothing more than an object (I’ll link you his YouTube channel, so you can see what I mean).

A thumbnail that Graham uses for his compilation video.
A thumbnail that Graham uses for his compilation video. 

This practice is honestly really fucking scary. That thousands of YouTube viewers (because yes, ladies and gentlemen, that’s the average number of people who clamour to watch these kind of videos) actually want to demote women to the very lowest of the low, purely for their own gain really is shameless and deserves to be called out.

This article is very simple, and boils down to this: if you watch, support or conduct these “strip pack openings”, fuck you. You’re the very essence of sexism in society, dragging us all backwards into the dark ages in your selfish and unrelenting quest for fame and YouTube fortune.

I honestly hope these utter morons get what’s coming to them someday. They deserve to be treated exactly how they treat the women in their videos, with contempt and absolutely no humanity whatsoever. They encourage them to strip on camera for their viewers, sometimes promising that if a certain video gets a certain amount of likes, the woman will strip for them.

I want to reiterate what I said earlier: if you support this, fuck you, If you conduct these videos, fuck you even more. You’re treating a human being like a bag of meat, displaying it to your audience for their pleasure and for your gain. You deserve no humanity in return, because that’d be far more than you’re giving out to the human being sat next to you.

In a utopia, I’d love to shame these YouTubers in any way possible, giving back to them what they’re giving to the world. I hope each and every one of their “YouTube careers” crash and burn, never to see the light of day again.

On a different note, thank you for your time in reading this. Adios.


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