Supremacy Mode Revealed For Star Wars Battlefront

EA has today revealed a brand new mode for the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront, titled Supremacy, that will focus on capturing objectives.

EA themselves have drawn comparisons with Battlefield‘s Conquest mode, which focuses on players capturing certain checkpoints for their respective sides, whilst advancing through maps. The Star Wars Battlefront Supremacy mode sounds a lot similar to the famous large scale Battlefield mode.

A typical game of Supremacy has a maximum timer of 10 minutes, at the beginning of which two teams have control of two objective points, and are both fighting for control of a central location. Once this has been accomplished by either side, both teams then attempt to capture the five remaining checkpoints, either capturing all of them or holding the majority when the time elapses.

However unlike the signature Conquest mode in Battlefield, checkpoints in Star Wars Battlefront have to be captured in a specific order. Like the beginning of the game, only two checkpoints are open for capture at any given time, so you can’t sneak across the map to the opposing teams furthest checkpoint and capture it whilst their backs are turned.

When compared to the maps that the team deathmatch mode Blast uses, the maps used for Supremacy are considerably larger. This could be because more players will be in a Supremacy game than a Blast game, but EA has reassured players that they will also be respawning close to the action, and will never have to run for minutes to find their team mates.

Both Heroes and Villains and vehicles can also be used throughout Supremacy. Whilst almost every vehicle, including the X-Wings and TIE Fighters will be fully playable, players will periodically have access to play as Heroes or Villains like depending on how well they are doing in the respective game.

Star Wars Battlefront will launch in Europe for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC on November 17th.



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