Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture Has A Hidden Run Button

Newly released game Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture does in fact have a hidden run button, and developer The Chinese Room explains how it forgot to tell players about it.

The game was released yesterday to generally positive reviews from across the board, however quite a few players have lamented how slow the pace of the game was. That’s because they probably didn’t find the hidden run button within the game, that The Chinese Room has now revealed in an online post.

“A couple of weeks before the game went to final, Santa Monica did a last round of playtesting. At this point, the game included an autosprint”, the developer stated in the online post. It then revealed that playtesters “wanted to be able to trigger it themselves”, with reference to the sprint functionality.

“So together with Santa Monica, we made a late call. We replaced the autosprint with a R2 trigger hold, keeping the gentle ramp up to main speed. This then needed testing, because it potentially threw out all the pacing we’d been working on for the last year, plus could cause issues with accidentally parkouring into places you couldn’t escape from”, The Chinese Room further added.

The company then added that this meant it didn’t have time to properly reflect the changes within the game, such as pointing out to players that they could in fact sprint by holding down R2. The Chinese Room has apologised to any players it may have frustrated.

Source: Gamespot.com


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