Xbox Gamescom Predictions

With Microsoft heading up Gamescom 2015 later this afternoon, now would be the opportune moment to delve into some small last minute predictions for the Xbox One event.

Truth is, there’s not actually a great deal to predict here that we haven’t already seen coming. Microsoft have announced that it was saving Scalebound, Crackdown and Quantum Break exclusively for showing at Gamescom, aiming to capitalise on Sony’s absence at the show.

Therefore a great deal of Microsoft’s press conference is actually already known to us. However I can still deal out a few predictions, namely that we’ll be getting release windows for all the previously listed games. Quantum Break is the one I expect Microsoft to date for early 2016, with Scalebound possibly being an early summer game, and Crackdown being saved for Holiday 2016.

This is going off what we’ve seen so far from the games, and that’s namely very little. We’ve seen trailers for all three back at last years E3, but not a whole lot since then, leading me to believe that Scalebound and Crackdown in particular are still heavily in development, and Quantum Break, which was originally slated for release later this year, should be coming early next year.

I strongly believe Microsoft will choose to focus on the aforementioned games, particularly since they saved them especially for Gamescom. However that doesn’t stop them bringing other big guns to play with, and I believe they’ll also be showing off in more detail the exclusive games releasing this winter.

Halo 5, Rise of the Tomb Raider and Forza 6 should all get fairly lengthy demos on stage, and if I had to guess, I’d say Master Chief wasn’t shown at all during E3 because Microsoft are saving his gameplay to debut here at Gamescom. Rise of the Tomb Raider also needs a particularly strong showing to dispel speculation that it could be moved away from Fallout 4‘s release window.

Aside from the big games, it’s hard to say what else could be there for Microsoft. I strongly expect Cuphead to make an appearance, perhaps with a short gameplay demo attached to it. Backwards Compatibility is also highly likely to get shown off by Microsoft, and I expect the company will announce the future games that will be arriving on the Xbox One, namely the highest vote-getters from players.

Scalebound, Crackdown and Quantum Break are all confirmed for this afternoon, however it’s entirely up in the air as to what else we could see from Microsoft this afternoon.


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