The Last Of Us Soundtrack Getting Vinyl Release

The critically acclaimed soundtrack for The Last of Us will soon be available for purchase on vinyl, but only as a limited release.

The vinyl will collect the entire soundtrack from the game, including the tracks used exclusively for Left Behind, the DLC only DLC content for The Last of Us. All tracks are as they were when the game released back in 2013, and are all composed by Gustavo Santolalla.


The limited edition vinyl will feature artwork on the cover by Jay Shaw and Olly Moss which you can see above, and will go on sale through seller Mondo starting tomorrow, July 22nd. The vinyl is currently being priced at $75, however there’s currently no word on just how limited the stock for the product is.

The Last of Us was released for the PS3 back in 2013, and was subsequently remastered for the PS4 at the beginning of last year. It earned unanimously glowing reviews, with some critics calling it the game of the generation, and one of the greatest video games ever made.



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