Fable Legends Release Date Leaked?

Microsoft may have accidentally revealed the launch date for the upcoming Fable Legends for Xbox One and PC, through a Comic-Con video.

A video supposedly from Microsoft at Comic-Con has apparently cited the release date for the game as October 13th. While Microsoft has never previously announced a release date for Fable Legends, the company did state that the game would be releasing later this year.

However Fable Legends game director David Eckelberry has now stated that the release date for the game is false. “No idea where they got this date” he stated. “We don’t have an announced day of release yet, not even internally.”

Microsoft has followed along similar lines, stating that while they “look forward to opening the world of Fable Legends to players”, they “don’t have anything more to share on specific release timing.”

This release date could be entirely false and an error on Microsoft’s part, however it could also be a real release date, and Microsoft has accidentally revealed it ahead of schedule.

Source: Gamespot.com


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