Randy Pitchford Lost $10M On Aliens: Colonial Marines

Very rarely do I take joy in the misfortune of others, however in the case of Randy Pitchford, it’s hard not to feel like some twisted sense of justice has been served.

The Gearbox CEO has today revealed during a heated Twitter interaction that he invested $10 million of his own money in Aliens: Colonial Marines, and claims to have “lost it all.” The infamous game reared its ugly head once again (no thanks to Pitchford) after he called out false advertisement lawsuits made against the game, saying they had “no legitimate argument.”

Let’s take a step back. Aliens: Colonial Marines was hyped up by Pitchford himself to be a “canonical sequel” to the film Aliens. Released in 1986, the film is considered to be a masterclass in science fiction horror, and was undoubtedly the last great film in the Alien franchise.

Pitchford also claimed to be a huge fan of Aliens, and claimed that the forthcoming game was finally doing the series justice. However, upon release in 2013, Aliens: Colonial Marines unanimously horrified the fanbase of the franchise. The game was nothing short of boring, and fans have since claimed that the trailers and ‘vertical slices’ for the game were false advertisement.

It turns out Aliens: Colonial Marines was outsourced to another studio almost entirely, with Gearbox taking credit for the game under Sega. Honestly, looking at the final product, it’s hard to see what Pitchford could’ve spent $10 million on. The aftermath of the disastrous game was made all the worse when Sega admitted that the trailers could’ve been misleading.

If a mega corporation can admit its wrongdoings, why can’t Pitchford? He continually blocks those that criticise the game on social media, laughing at the notion that the game was a failure and consumers were lied to. He then cries foul play when people like Jim Sterling openly question his morals, and continually claims that journalists have “no knowledge of the truth”, all while failing to state the actual ‘truth.’

And yet he wants our sympathy for losing his money over an outsourced, pathetic excuse for a videogame? If his behaviour towards the fans he’s alienated was different, I would feel sorry for him. But as it is, his actions over the past year have single handedly dragged the industry into murky waters, and he has perhaps tainted the Alien brand forever.

(Side note: Don’t believe how many people he’s angered? Search for the Twitter hashtag #AskRandy)


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