Prototype Bundle Released For Xbox One

In a surprising twist this Tuesday morning, a Prototype bundle, titled the Biohazard Bundle, is now available for purchase from the Xbox One store.

The new bundle of the games is a surprising announcement to most, as none saw the move coming from Microsoft. The Biohazard Bundle is available for download today straight from the Xbox One store, and will cost players $49.99, and is approximately a 17GB download.

First released back in 2009, Prototype is a game that follows a protagonist that has the ability to shapeshift, whilst also having lost his memory. The game was generally well received at the time, praised for its combat and storytelling. A sequel, Prototype 2, was then released in 2012, and was not quite as well received as the first.

After the release of the second Prototype game, developer Radical Entertainment was then hit with layoffs, causing the studio to downsize significantly. The staff that were laid off were then allocated to other projects and studios under Activision, however.



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