Fallout Shelter Adds Fallout 4 Character

Fallout Shelter has today added its first character to feature in the upcoming Fallout 4.

This particular character is named Preston Garvey, which you can see below, and is titled the Leader of the Commonwealth Minutemen. Garvey is categorised as a legendary dweller, which means the only way for players to obtain him is through opening lunchboxes.


Preston Garvey also comes with his own unique armour, but you can pull his special Laser Musket through lunchboxes separately.

Not much is currently known about Garvey’s character in the upcoming Fallout 4, but his title as the leader of the Minutemen suggests something along the lines of post-apocalyptic border patrolling.

Since releasing in conjunction with Bethesda’s E3 Presentation on Sunday 14th of June, Fallout Shelter has been a hit success, being the No. 1 app on the Apple App Store almost instantly, and racking up to 70 million play session globally per day since its release.

Source: IGN.com


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