Tales From The Borderlands: Episode 3, Catch A Ride – Review

With non-stop humour, action, and character moments, Episode 3 of Tales From The Borderlands stands out as a high point of the series so far.

The episode opens with our heroes still in mortal danger, moving on from the cliffhanger presented to us 3 months ago at the end of episode 2. I’ve heard that the start of the episode differs greatly as to whether the player chose to place their trust in either Fiona or Handsome Jack at the end of episode 2, but this review will follow the Fiona path.

Which, as it turns out, was something of a fluke. Fiona in actual fact had no plan for pulling Vaughn and Sasha out of danger, and proceeds to make the entire escape plan up as she goes along, which is nonetheless incredibly amusing and entertaining, particularly with the Loader Bot involved.

Speaking of robots, it wasn’t long before our ragtag group discovered the capability of the mysterious object found at the end of episode 2; It transforms into an Ashley Johnson character! The addition of Gortys, the naive yet cutesy robot was definitely the highpoint of the episode, as Johnson and the script successfully combine to give a heart warming personality to the group.

Gortys, the latest addition to the series.
Gortys, the latest addition to the series.

Our wannabe heroes were then momentarily held up by Vallory, the new villain to the series replacing Vasquez (quite literally) and leader of a mob, including Brick and Mordecai, making their return to a Borderlands game since the original instalment, but more on them later.

The opening credits sequence is always a pleasure to watch in the Tales From the Borderlands series, and this episode was no exception, as our group travelled in the direction that Gortys pointed them, leading them to an upgrade for the robot which would supposedly bring them a step closer to finding the Vault.

The humour and charm of this series is always present throughout the episode, as we saw the group really get to know one another while searching for Gortys’ upgrade. Characters are something that the series has always excelled at, perhaps even being the best Telltale series for it since the Wolf Among Us.

The episode ended with a climactic action sequence for the entire group, which saw Athena being dragged off by Brick and Mordecai to Lillith, for whatever reason. I’m divided on this, because as nice as it is to see past faces make an appearance, either bring them into the series fully, or cut out the background ‘cloak and daggers’ and leave the spotlight to the heroes of the series.

The action sequence almost verged on being too long for my liking (I believe it accounted for 2 whole chapters) but episode 3 of Tales From the Borderlands ended on an intriguing note yet again, pointing towards our group assaulting the Hyperion space station on the surface of the Moon, to bring themselves closer in the search for the Vault of the Traveller.

Overall, Episode 3 of Tales from the Borderlands saw the series finally living up to expectations, giving us a great amount of humour between the group with the addition of Gortys, a new villain to face off again in Vallory, and significant character-enhancing moments.



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