Dishonoured 2 Devs Detail Emily And Corvo

Arkane Studios, the developers working on Dishonoured 2, have outlined more aspects of Emily Caldwin and Corvo Attano, both protagonists of the upcoming stealth game.

“The way we’re doing it this time is that you play Emily for about 20 or 30 minutes at the beginning of the game, then there’s this very dramatic moment where you can choose which one you want you want to continue with” said Harvey Smith, Arkane Studios executive, with reference to the player choice of protagonist.

Smith continued with “Then for the rest of the game you’re locked into that choice. But it’s the same series of missions whether you choose one of the other, they just have different perspectives and commentary on it” This sounds a lot like we may be getting a fully voiced protagonist, a significant change from the first Dishonoured.

Emily Caldwin, the new protagonist for Dishonoured 2.
Emily Caldwin, the new protagonist for Dishonoured 2.

Explaining the difference between the characters, Harvey Smith stated “They do have completely difference powers, however. In the announce trailer you see Emily using a power called ‘Far Reach’. She doesn’t have Blink, she has Far Reach, and it can be upgraded mechanically in different ways than Blink can be. You can see her using Shadow Walk at the end, and that’s a power Corvo won’t have”

The studio further explained that since through feedback they learnt that many players found the original game too easy, there will now be an option available in Dishonoured 2 that allows the player to be spotted by guards while leaning around corners, and not remain invisible like before.

There’s also the addition of a third morality path to take within the game. Arkane stated that there would be a third path for players to explore, instead of the more traditional ‘good’ or ‘evil’ paths that were present in the last game. While there’s still no details about this third path, we should look to hear more on Dishonoured 2 in the coming months.



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