Unravel – E3 2015 Game of the Show

I could’ve gone with the usual, big budget, triple A blockbuster for my Game of the Show for E3 2015, and I was tempted to, after seeing Fallout, Doom, Tomb Raider, Halo and Uncharted. But I love giving the spotlight to smaller games, and so I chose Unravel, the 2D artistic platformer as my Game of the Show.

Unravel instantly captured my attention, not only because of the shaking presenter on stage, but because of Yarny, the protagonist made of of a single thread of yarn. Yes, Yarny will probably end up dead by the end of the game in a tear-inducing spetacle, but for now he’s an easily loveable character to follow.

One look at the trailer below will captivate you in the world of Unravel, and the artistic side of the game instantly captured by attention when it was first shown off. We can see Yarny traversing all kinds of territory, from forests and gardens to roads and rivers.

In Unravel, players must focus on navigating the various obstacles in each level without using up too much yarn in the process, as Yarny himself is made of the stuff. The obstacles include everything, from a pond and a hostile beaver to a pigeon and a car.

Unravel is being published by EA, undoubtedly one of the sketchier companies in videogames with a very mixed track record (microtransactions, forcing good studios into bad situations etc.), which is why the game comes to be even more of a pleasant surprise once you realise this could be EA finally devoting time and resources to something original.

There’s no release date for Unravel as of yet, but gamers can pre-order the product via Origin, EA’s PC gaming network for just $20.


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