Microsoft Opens E3 With Halo 5

Microsoft chose to go big with their E3 opening, choosing to showcase Halo 5 from 343 Industries.

The company began with a focus on Agent Locke, choosing to go with a live gameplay demo focussing on the Spartan’s team. Nathan Fillion and Mike Colter’s characters were briefly shown off, before diving into the all-action gameplay demo.

Red team, as they are sometimes known, began with a focus on hunting the Master Chief, which we know to be the team’s primary objective throughout the game. The team were hit by a covenant ambush not long after dropping from a ship, and were forced to fight their way through an entire city.

The interplay was the subtle focus of the demo, showing just how much each squad member would interact with one another, and if I’m honest, it’s fantastic to hear Fillion and Colter acting together. The demo then ended and went into a full cinematic trailer, showing various firefights with the Covenant throughout.

The focus of the event was then put on the multiplayer element of the game, as another cinematic showed off the chaotic action featured throughout the game. Dubbed Warzone, the new mode looked a lot like the firefight mode of ODST.

And that was it for Halo 5 at the Microsoft conference, an action packed opener which completely grabbed my attention from start to finish.


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