Fallout 4 Showcased By Bethesda At E3

Bethesda ended its first ever E3 conference by welcoming Todd Howard on stage to showcase the upcoming Fallout 4.

Howard gave a smooth introductory speech before launching into the details on Fallout 4, stating that the game has been over 4 years in production. The show then turned its attention to the concept art of the game, further detailing the background of putting the hotly anticipated game together.

Various different artworks were shown off throughout the trailer, including both the pre-apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic world, and stills than fans around the world had already seen during the trailer, released earlier this month.

We were then brought back to the stage, where Howard put a focus on the in-game world before the bombs went off. He revealed that the game would start there, showcasing that the game would start in the character creation menu while the protagonist was checking himself out in the mirror, alongside his wife.

The video was then sped up, detailing the extent to which character customisation was available, and also that a female protagonist would be available, through use of the wife. Howard also claimed that a baby would be created through the in-game couple, before the character proceeded to inspect his living room, showing off nuka-cola in the game.

A vault tech employee then called by the house with the threat of nuclear war looming, during which the player could freely act in the conversation, and then assign the games starting perk numbers. Fallout 4 put a unique focus in the family during the opening, showing off the baby of the family.

But then the beginning of the nuclear war was heralded via the in-game TV screen, and the family was immediately rushed to the vault. The demo then skipped ahead a whole 200 years, revealing that the protagonist would be the sole survivor of Vault 111.

The protagonist then left the vault to explore the post-apocalyptic world, while Howard revealed that the game players saw was in fact running on next-gen consoles. The player then entered a conversation with the robot seen at the beginning of the game and during the trailer in the house, while the robot revealed to the shocked character that he had been in the vault for a whole 200 years.

While the robot rushed off to fetch food for his master, the player character went and found the dog shown off in the trailer for Fallout 4, with Howard stating that players would be able to give the dog orders, including telling it where to go and what to pick up.

The gameplay demo then skipped forward to showcase the combat of the game, revealing that an all-new system of VATS would be included in the game. It was then also outed by Howard that Fallout 4 would in fact be taking place in Boston, during an in-game cinematic cutscene, much like the first trailer for the game.

And that was it for gameplay of Fallout 4, but Howard then showed off the pip-boy within the game, showing off where the protagonist would find the futuristic device. A demo for the pip-boy was shown off, featuring the inventory system and an all-new armour system, as well as a mini-game.

The Fallout 4 Pip-Boy edition was then revealed (which I will certainly be purchasing), including the fact that ones smartphone will be available to use with the device. The device was then shown off in action on a persons wrist briefly, with Howard detailing that an app for the pip-boy would be available at launch.

Another mini-game was shown off, that would be launching separately from Fallout 4. It was revealed to be called Fallout Shelter, and the player will have control over their own Vault. The game is said to be launching tonight on the App Store, and doesn’t require an internet connection or monetary purchase.

The showcase then delved back into the actual gameplay, showing that the player would be able to decorate and rebuild their house entirely from scratch in the post-apocalyptic world. Howard revealed that travellers in the game would be arriving at your house, to trade and barter with you. The house is fully customisable, with the player even being able to add turrets on the outside, due to the threat of bandit attacks.

An all-new crafting system was then shown off for Fallout 4, with Todd Howard stating that players will be able to craft all of the 50 base weapons and over 400 modifications for each of those weapons, using parts found throughout the world, including within your created base.

The combat within the game was then returned to, with the first and third-person perspectives would be returning to the game. The combat of Fallout 4 was then shown off through a glorious trailer, with both player views being shown, and also various enemy types, including the return of the Behemoths within the game.

And that rounded out Bethesda’s E3 conference, utterly justifying the need for the publisher’s first ever E3 conference. The games shown off were absolutely fantastic, but Fallout coming last completely upstaged the competition.


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