Dishonoured 2 Revealed At Bethesda Conference

After the fantastic Doom demo, Arkane Studios was then let loose on the stage floor to show off their next project.

And that project, while not entirely obvious at first, was in fact the next Dishonoured game. The game was shown off through a first person cinematic cutscene, in which protagonist Emily Caldwin got to show the crowd what she was capable of.

Caldwin sliced through an entire room full of enemies in the cinematic trailer, hunting down an unknown antagonist until the screen title, Dishonoured 2, was shown.

The Empire of the Isles is said to be in danger, with the player having to decide the fate of an entire empire. Arkane also revealed that players would be able to play as either previous protagonist Corvo Attano or the new assassin, Emily Caldwin. The mask of Corvo was then depicted in the trailer, hinting at either protagonist picking it up.

Arkane then rounded out by revealing that Dishonoured: Definitive Edition would be making its way to console soon, bringing all the available content for it as well as technical enhancements, and will be releasing in August.

That was all for the upcoming Dishonoured 2, as we were shown our new protagonist and location, but Arkane chose not to assign a release date for the title.


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