Bethesda E3 Show Launches With Doom

Bethesda got the ball rolling with Doom, starting their first ever E3 showcase with the long-gestating horror shooter game.

Bethesda chose to skip the well-trodden path of cinematic cutscene, and instead headed straight into the action with a gameplay demo. We followed the solitary marine around an industrial facility, and in less than a minute, was besieged on all sides by monsters.

Armed with nothing but a shotgun, the marine dispatched the beasts in style, with a few executions earning gasps from the crowd. The soldier then proceeded to follow a trail of blood through several corridors, finding a double-barrelled shotgun on a fallen comrade.

They then encountered the first ranged enemy of the game, a skirmish that was short lived due to the recently-acquired shotgun. We then got another bout of action from several more ranged enemies, before the marine found something resembling a pulse rifle.

All throughout the gameplay demo no voiceover could be heard from Bethesda, which at the same time both makes the gameplay demo even more exhilarating and makes the audience slightly less informed. Using the arm of a dead monster to solve a security puzzle within the game was also a feature, taking after puzzles from the original Dead Space.

The marine then found a chainsaw, after which utter carnage and chaos ensued, to cries of delight from all around the theatre. Hazardous environments were something that was featured heavily throughout the demo, before the soldier was unceremoniously beaten to death by the monster depicted in the trailer.

The multiplayer combat was then detailed by a lead developer on the project, stating that it would be arena-type combat, utilising fast-paced combat. And with that, a gameplay cinematic montage was shown, showcasing the bloody combat and the pace at which the game could run.

A co-op mode was then shown off, in which players took on waves of enemies to earn a prestigious place on the leaderboards. Doom SnapMap was then revealed, detailing that players would be able to create their own maps, similar to the vein of Far Cry 4.

The single player element of the game was finally showcased, wrapping up a half-hour on the game. This was simultaneously impressive as the multiplayer, showing the marine fighting a ranged boss-like monster with a handheld canon. A variation of enemy types were shown throughout the demo, including flying beasts and finally a horned demon.

And that was it for the first game in Bethesda’s conference, and I’ve gotta admit, it was a ballsy move not opening with Fallout 4. However it utterly paid off, coming out swinging with a gameplay demo for Doom, and then detailing multiplayer for the world to witness before throwing the focus back on the single player.


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