Destiny’s Next Expansion Details Leak

New details have apparently leaked for Destiny‘s unannounced DLC, rumoured to be titled ‘The Taken King‘ and hitting later this year.

A marketing sheet for developer Bungie has been recently leaked to Kotaku, and the sheet points towards a September release date for the Taken King, seemingly confirming what was rumoured a while ago, that this will be Destiny‘s big fall expansion.

Not only is it big in size, but also in price. The Taken King will reportedly cost gamers $40, although the European figures are still unconfirmed. The expansion is also set to release on September 15th, right before the yearly rush of game releases around winter.

The Taken King will also reportedly include different subclasses for every character class for the first time in DLC for Destiny. Warlocks will be getting an electrical storm (arc), Hunters will receive a gravity bow (void), and Titans will be gaining access to the flaming hammer (solar).

The Taken King is meant be to be a large expansion for the game, as indicated by the price, and so the content for the pack will be stepped up a gear. The pack will reportedly contain multiple new strikes, as well as new PvP maps and a new Raid, making up for the missing Raid in the previous expansion, House of Wolves.

The Taken King will seemingly launch on September 15th, and players can purchase the expansion for $40.



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