Capcom Announced Mega Man Legacy Collection

Capcom has today announced the Mega Man Legacy Collection, as well as it’s playable lineup for the show floor at E3 later this month.

The Mega Man Legacy Collection will feature the original six Mega Man games, and will be bound together in the same game by developer Digital Eclipse. The collection will also contain a challenge mode, which puts together sections of all six games in one level for players to beat. The Legacy Collection will also contain a ‘Museum Mode’ which will allow players to explore original concept art.

The Mega Man Legacy Collection will be available as a download only for both North America and Europe at an unspecified time later this summer for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One, and will reportedly be arriving on Nintendo 3DS at a later date this winter. Look for Capcom to give a specific release date on all platforms later this month at their E3 presentation.

The publisher has also confirmed which games will be available to play on the show floor at E3. The games include Resident Evil Zero HD, which recently got a new trailer, and a special edition of Devil May Cry 4, as well as Street Fighter V, which is set to be the latter’s first major appearance at a games show.



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