Dark Souls 3 Reportedly In The Works

According to a recent leak reported by Rooster Teeth, Dark Souls 3 is in the works, and will be releasing in 2016 for current-gen consoles.

The Know, a show hosted by Rooster Teeth, claims to have obtained screenshots from the yet-unannounced Dark Souls 3, and are also suggesting that the game is scheduled for release next year. The game is also said to support 1-4 players, although whether this is co-op or PvP is still unknown.

There will also supposedly be 10 different classes to choose from when customising your character at the beginning of Dark Souls 3, and Rooster Teeth also support that there will be a total of 45 brand new enemies, as well as 15 new bosses within the game. However this number does not include enemies and bosses returning from the previous games in the series.


This would be the next game in line from developer From Software, and if reports are to be believed, it would be releasing merely a year after their previous game, Bloodborne, was released. However new monsters are not the only thing included in the report, as there will apparently be 100 new weapons and 40 new armour sets for players to obtain.

Rooster Teeth finally reports that Dark Souls 3 will officially be revealed at E3 later this month, with a release date set for 2016.

Source: IGN.com


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