Uncharted 4 Box Art Revealed

The box art for the upcoming action-adventure game Uncharted 4 has been revealed by Amazon, and features a grizzled Nathan Drake in the midst of a jungle.

The artwork was revealed this week by Amazon when the online retail giant updated its page for Uncharted 4, giving us a Nathan Drake that looks like he’s been put through the works. If the box art looks familiar to fans, its because the same image was used as a banner for the gameplay reveal during E3 last year, when Naughty Dog showed off the game for the first time.

The box art for uncharted 4, as revealed by Amazon.
The box art for Uncharted 4, as revealed by Amazon.

On the box art for the game, we can see blood running down the left arm of Nathan Drake, and the cut to his forehead obviously point to recent combat. Our protagonist is also stood in what looks like a jungle, which would appear to fit in with the location we were shown during the gameplay demo for Uncharted 4 during last years Sony presentation at E3.

Speaking about the game when it was first revealed last year, game director Bruce Straley said “With The Last of US, we went to great lengths to try and create this reality, but we were still limited by the amount of overdraw the PS3 could handle. Now, the PS4 is allowing us to push so much more density, so it’s fun to go back and go like ‘Oh, look at the things we wish we could’ve done in Uncharted 1, it’s just like, this is easy, lets make it easy'”

After being recently delayed by Sony, Uncharted 4 will release in Spring 2016 for the Playstation 4.

Source: Gamespot.com


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