Fallout 4 Revealed… Officially, This Time

It’s been a long time coming (around six years, to be precise), but today Bethesda officially revealed to fans around the globe the next instalment in the Fallout series: Fallout 4.

So, what do we know so far? Thanks to a few minutes of a trailer released by Bethesda earlier this afternoon, we know that Fallout 4 will see the series returning to the East coast in Boston. We know this thanks to landmarks revealed in the trailer (that gold dome was part of a mission in the Last of Us), and this in itself puts years of speculation to rest.

The dog also played a large role in the trailer (no, the game is not being directed by Peter Molyneux, thank christ), signalling the return of your travelling canine companion. I’m hearing a lot of people saying that the protagonist revealed at the end of the trailer is voiced by Troy Baker, but I’m not entirely hearing a likeness in the voice, although I would welcome any adventure with enigmatic actor.

The box art for the game has also been revealed.
The box art for the game has also been revealed.

We were also allowed glimpses of a vault door in the trailer, seemingly confirming that our protagonist will once again originate from a vault, although this is no surprise, given the history of the series and the fact that a pit-boy device is shown on the character’s arm at the end of the trailer.

For now that’s all there is to go on, although the trailer will happily wet my appetite till Bethesda’s E3 conference in just under two weeks time. I look forward to hopefully seeing a gameplay demo at the presentation, as well as a release window, if not a date before Summer 2016.


2 thoughts on “Fallout 4 Revealed… Officially, This Time

  1. aren’t you missing out the most important detail, that the protagonist does indeed talk, for the first time, in a fallout game? the silent protagonist has for so long been a staple in the series and the elder scrolls, i am curious how this will alter things.


    1. Oh yeah, duh. Bethesda’s gone for so long with silent protagonists, and done well with them, but game like Dragon Age Inquisition and Witcher 3 show how good voiced protagonists can be. Thanks for stopping by.


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