A brand new trailer has appeared online from Microsoft for the upcoming Rise of the Tomb Raider. They revealed that fans can see more of the game at E3 later this month.

Xbox originally announced via Twitter that some form of new reveal for the game would be releasing today, then followed up with a new trailer for the game, set to launch for the Xbox One only at the very end of this year.

In the trailer, Lara continues to face tough terrain as she did in the announcement trailer at last years E3, only this time she is scaling up a mountain while successfully avoiding an avalanche, instead of outrunning a bear and launching herself across a wide chasm with nothing but a pickaxe for safety.

The new trailer depicts Lara in a snowy environment for the first time in the new game, and points to the game taking place in varying regions, as Crystal Dynamics originally announced it would back last year. The trailer ends with the reveal that players can see more Rise of the Tomb Raider content at Microsoft’s E3 presentation later this month, where the game will presumably have a significant spotlight.

Source: IGN


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