Some Brief E3 2015 Predictions

Every year in the middle of June, the video game industry implodes as almost every major publisher comes together in Los Angeles to announce and show off their new games and productions. With virtually every gamer kicking off their predictions around about now, I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon.

First off, I’ve already done an article for my predictions for the Bethesda Press conference, so I’ll reiterate what I said there. We’re virtually guaranteed Fallout 4, and I also think it’ll very likely be this year, however if not this year, then I think we’ll likely get a Skyrim remaster to hold us over this winter until Fallout releases the summer after. I also think Dishonoured 2 is almost a lock after the success of the original, and I think we’ll at least see a trailer and a release window for it, most likely in summer 2016. Doom will also be shown off, with the beta announced to be debuting in autumn for everyone that brought Wolfenstein: The New Order.

For the Microsoft main event, Halo 5 will definitely be shown off, with a gameplay display and a release date announced for November. If the Master Chief Collection still hasn’t been fixed by then, 343 will have some serious apologies to make, with some reassurance that Halo 5 will be the absolute opposite experience, although this will fall on deaf ears for those that purchased the collection (myself included). Rise of the Tomb Raider will also be showcased, with a good portion of gameplay being displayed and a release date being set for either late November, December, or it’ll be delayed slightly till February, with December being most likely.

The EA press conference is far less predictable than anything else on this list, but there’s a few things I feel confident that we’ll see. Firstly I think there’ll definitely be an announcement from Bioware about future Dragon Age Inquisition DLC, although I don’t think we’ll see any till early 2016 at the very soonest. We’ll also definitely see Madden 16 (duh), and probably a 10 minute segment from EA about how it’s redefining the sports genre of gaming. Star Wars is where I’m most uncertain about this, mainly because I seriously doubt Battlefront 3 is coming out this year, or even before winter 2016. I think there’ll just be a trailer at this stage, but it probably won’t amount to more than last years brief teaser trailer.

The Sony press conference will have a few highlights that are somewhat straightforward, with Uncharted leading the show. I think Naughty Dog will have given the original trilogy to a port studio to bring it to the PS4, and I believe that will be announced to release later in the summer. This is before Uncharted 4 is shown off in a new gameplay demo, before a release date being given for certain in November. Bloodborne DLC will also be announced to support the game going forward into winter, and No Man’s Sky will also be shown off in more detail than ever before, and a release date will be announced for late 2015 or early 2016.


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